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Broadview Publishing was established as a seperate arm of Chartered Accounting firm Broadview Accounting, to assist business owners obtain the education and skills needed to run their busines better.
Allan has 29 years experience as a Chartered Accountant....
Searching for that elusive formula for business success?
Looking for the magic formula for success?
Are you missing the most valuable member of your team?
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Survival to Success by Allan Mason, Author & Publisher

Book Details

Survival to Success – How to Play and Win the Game of Life

Looking for the magic formula for success?

Do you want lots of money, a happy relationship, good health, a great job, success and happiness? Then look no further than Allan Mason’s Survival to Success. In your hands is the formula for extreme success; a manual on the rules of the universe and how you can use this knowledge to obtain the success you have until now, only dreamt of.

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This book bridges the gap from where you are now, to where we want to be in your life. It explains the laws of nature in a way that piece together the puzzle we call life. With this knowledge comes the power to ensure success in everything you undertake. That success will bring happiness, wealth and satisfaction.

Divided into three consecutive sections, Survival to Success equips readers with the tools they need to have the power of creation. It outlines the steps readers must take to make a firm decision on what they desire, how to fine-tune their vision, and then how to create the life they want.

The basic philosophy of this book is that if you treat life as a game and learn its rules you will be able to achieve your goals. Through this book, Allan Mason removes the mystery surrounding life’s secrets in order to uncover the path to both financial success and true happiness – acknowledging that the two do not always go hand in hand. 

Survival to Success truly puts the responsibility of choosing where you want to go squarely your own hands, and it gives you the tools to achieve it.


Refer to the page titled testimonials,  to read what Bibi De Angelo - advisor to Hollywood stars and Richard Fettke - personal coach featured on USA Today, the Wall Street Journal and other leading self help magazines, had to say about this book.  

Book Specifications

Format: 150 mm (W) x 220 mm (H)
Extent: 176 pp text + 4 pp cover 
Text: 1C + 1C on 100gsm offset paper 
Cover: Prints 4-colour process + matt lamination outside on 250gsm C1s art board
Binding Perfect binding

Marketing & PR
Survival to Success was launched into the Australian public in September 2009 and supported by an extensive media and marketing campaign, including strategic partnerships, cross-network promotions and a professional PR campaign.

Survival to Success is distributed Australia wide through Dennis Jones & Associates, online and through existing Broadview Accounting and Broadview Publishing channels.

About the Author
Allan Mason has always had the determination to be successful and have financial freedom. From a middle class background, Allan grew up watching his hard-working father oscillate from success to failure to success and then failure without the knowledge of business or life that are vital to retaining long lasting success.

Allan found that the only way to learn was through extensive study and to observe the successes and shortfalls of others – education in your profession only formed part of the answer.

Allan’s search for the secret formula to success led him down many business paths, but each time after a degree of triumph, he found himself undone by a number of setbacks. Dabbling in spiritualist theory, Allan began to recognize how personal and spiritual power can be quantified to help you succeed. Understanding these powers, and then grasping the laws of the universe, recognizing that the traits of others may bring you down, and finally the ability to put in place your plans, goals and aspirations and channelling this power to achieve them.

As a Chartered Accountant in practice and having created and owned many varying businesses, Allan then sought out more analytical answers, explanations that would stand up to scientific analysis, a set of rules to follow that would lead to success, every time. Allan is a firm believer that success and fulfillment are not idle dreams but are within reach of every person on this planet. The requirement is only to reach out.